Week 23

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DSC_0535Here is week 23. Another neat and flat week as far as my project life layout goes. We have moved some furniture around in the house so I had to find a new place to photograph my pages. I think I am liking this new spot better with a nice light background for a change. I do have dodge and weave to avoid reflection a bit more so hopefully will fine tune that in the coming weeks.

DSC_0537This is the left side of week 23. My cork obsession appears to be getting worse as I am loving it as a new material and using it a fair bit. I also have quite a few digital elements on this page which I find really help me ‘get pages done’.

DSC_0536Of course I can’t go without mentioning my full 3×4 cork insert I made here. I plucked out my Amy Tangerine embroidery kit again and thought I’d try it on the cork. Other than the piercings being a bit harder to see because of the colour and texture of the cork it worked a treat and I am really pleased with it. The few people who have seen this page have all be drawn to this element visually and commented on it. In a positive was I’m pleased to say.

DSC_0539Now of to the right side of the layout. Top left is a picture of my lovely friends from the Project Life Australia group and who worked on the Project Life stand at the Brisbane Papercraft Expo (Amanda, Tina, Beth and Leanne). We had a great time showing off all the lovely Becky Higgins products. “Hi Lovelies x”   I really wanted a transparent version of the Project Life Logo on this shot and could not find one that was suitable digitally so…. I grabbed one of the new Project Life cardstock boxes which are also transparent, cut out the logo and popped it right on top. Ta daaa.

DSC_0542Back to my cork obsession ….  I do love stamping onto cork and have so far found it a really easy medium to do that with. Here I used a stamp from a gorgeous stamp set made by Kellie at  Give a Girl A … I really like her stamps because they are great quality and always stamp really cleanly first time. You will be seeing more of these on my pages as they are so prefect for Project Life. The real BONUS for you is that Kellie has been kind & awesome enough to offer my readers a 15% discount on any purchase over $10 in her stamp shop! You can find them right here and all you need to do is use the code PETRA. Thanks Kellie!

Week 23Finally here is the whole week all complete.

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  1. I absolutely always love coming to check out your week and I LOVE this one to bits. Stitching on cork, LOVE it, going to have to try it, as soon as I find some cork haha! Inspirational as always

    • Hi Kellie,
      Made super gorgeous by your wonderful offer to my readers! Squee!
      Thank you. x

      Thanks For Dropping In

  2. Leanne T.

    Hello Petra, I always love seeing your stitching work and today is no exception – LOVE the cork and will certainly be looking to add some to my collection too. …And I’m thrilled that you chose to include the photo of us at the Expo – I got a little buzz when I saw it… feeling quite honoured to be with you & the lovely Amanda, Kristina & Beth… and featuring in your album 🙂

    • Hello Leanne,
      How could I not include you? And it was your mum that took the picture right?
      Glad you like the cork. I’m also a fan 🙂
      Thanks For Dropping In

      • Leanne T.

        Yes Petra it was my lovely Mum who took the photo on my big old Canon – no fancy iPhone here (she says with absolutely iPhone envy) 😉

  3. Hi Petra
    I just love your pages.

    Here come the 20 questions….

    Where did you buy the cork? Really like that.
    Are there digital things in the layout?
    I also noticed your photos seem to have a thin white border, is this done in a software package?

    The writing on your photos, do you do this and then print photos at home or at proper photo place?

    I notice that you haven’t journalled about every photo? That’s good to know. Do you just sometimes take photos of things you want to, but don’t always ‘write’ something?

    Sorry for asking so many questions but I’m really intrigued as to how to do all this….I wish I could work out how to do some things digitally. Do you use photoshop elements? Do you have templates?


    • Hi Charlene,
      I will answer the ones I haven’t already. My pages are what I call ‘Hybrid’ always a combination of both physical and digital elements.
      Things such as the white borders and the writing on the photos are generally digital. I do this using Photoshop Elements.
      Regarding my photos, I have a rule of a “photo a day” not necessary but, it works for me and is a good reminder to take a picture of something, anything each and every day.
      I then journal or write stories to any photos that I want to remember something about, or that are funny or that need further explanation.
      The Week in review (6×4 card in bottom right of my right page) that I do each week tries to summarise each week and in there I make a mention of something from each photo in the layout.
      I do have some templates that I use that I have made up over the years but mostly I either just use type on my pages or brushes made by other creative people like Ali Edwards, Cathy Zielske, Kara Dudley etc. These can be bought online and are just a matter of dragging onto a photo, resizing, recolouring and hey presto.
      Hope this was helpful
      Thanks For Dropping In

      • Hi Petra
        Yes that was very helpful. Thanks for taking time to explain.

        I might have to buy a couple of the brushes and have a go at it.

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