Week 26

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DSC_0010Hi and welcome to my Week 26 of my 2013 Project life journey. I’m very excited because this marks the half way point of the year and the end of my first 2013 album. It is also at this point that I will be changing Core Kits. Final week of my use of Becky Higgins Seafoam core kit. I’ve gotten to know this kit so well and really, REALLY love it. I will be using the Becky Higgins Jade core kit next and am sure I will love it just as much by the end of the year.

We were on a brief holiday during week 26 so I have a full layout and an insert too.

D8E_1125This is the left side of the layout. Lots of catchups with family & friends, stories and smiles. I did something silly with my printer and it caused a bit of ink leakage on my printed cards but I thought rather than waste another card I’d leave it. The black and red kind of goes with the rest of the layout (well, that’s what I tell myself anyway)

D8E_1126This is the right side of the layout. Really simple and core kit only.

DSC_0014Next to the picture of my bestie Lisa & I, I used the “This is Life” core kit filler card with a little splatter of the white Mr Hueys onto it. Kinda goes with the other splatter of ink on the page (only this one was intentional LOL)






Here is the Insert. I used the Becky Higgins Design H page sleeve.


I put all the embellies on the outside of the plastic in this instance because I wanted to break up the solid lines a little.










This week I remembered to use the tab so it’s easy to see the insert. I used some red MR Huey’s over a core card to match the tab before I punched it out with the WRMK tab punch.




This is the flip side of the insert. Really simple cause I just wanted to get it done!











As always below here is the full layout.


In case you are wondering what my last page of the album looks like, here it is. Just stuck to the core kit recommendations and because I stuck to the same kit so far I know it matches 🙂 Yay! The first half of the year is done!


Getting excited bout the next half. Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks For Dropping In





    • Hi Christine,
      Yes it’s is always all about the pictures for me. Thank you for your lovely comment.
      Thanks For Droping in

  1. Sandra Bunch

    You certainly rocked Seafoam Petra! All the way from week 1 through 26. I can’t wait for you to stun us more with Jade.
    I love all your photos this week and how you play around with perspectives etc. Thanks for sharing

    • Hey Sandra,
      Thanks! I hope to stun you too (in a good way) 🙂
      Thanks For Dropping In

    • Hi AM!
      Yes I love those too and I was lucky enough to have those donated to me by a friend when I put a call out looking for them!
      I didin’t want to bubble up the plastc with the veneers so outside was the only logical choice.
      Thanks For Dropping In

  2. I saw these pages on Instagram. It’s even better big where all that orange just pops!! Are you going to put anything on the cards on that last page? I’ve been stewing on what to put on that page. I never thought of just using cards. =)

    • Hi Donna,
      No I won’t put anything on the back page apart from the cards. I do always put something at the very start and end of a year but not in the middle. My starting page of the next album has a very similar looking front page. Will be blogging that along with week 27 soon. 🙂
      Thanks For Dropping In

      • Thanks, Petra! I’m looking forward to seeing your front page. I’ve left each of these pages blank while awaiting inspiration.

  3. WHOO HOO first part of the year, done, dusted and ready to move onto the next part of the year. Love what you have done and I especially just love the photo that you have taken from the table angle, it looks FAB! Love the photographs with the farm animals and the veneers are perfect. Captured so much and put it all together perfectly!

    • Hi Kellie,
      Thanks! Always happy to receive comments from you x
      Thanks For Dropping In

  4. Looks really good. I love the way you seem to capture things up close, I never think to do that….must remember.

    • Hi Charlene,
      Thank you for your lovely comment. Yes I am an “up close” kina gal. Sometimes a bit too much! LOL!
      Thanks For Dropping In

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