Week 27

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DSC_0020Hi and welcome to the second half of my 2013 Project Life journey. Wow are we really already that far though the year? I really can’t believe how fast it has flown. I know everyone says that but I find as I get older time really does fly faster and I can’t say I’m all that excited about that but it is what it is so let’s get on with it. This is week 27 and the start of my Becky Higgins Jade Core Kit adventure.

DSC_0018I start off with the front page of my second 2013 album and I thought rather than dress it up like I do with the front and back page of a year I would just stick to the core kit recommendations and a few embellies. I also used some of Kellie’s stamps which you can find HERE. I look forward to each of her new monthly releases because thy go so darn well with Project Life! I used my Cricut too to cut some shapes and words using Sticky Barc. It’s a very thin layer of wood with an adhesive backing and is one of my go to pretties at the moment.

Week 27 LHSHere is the left side of my week 27 layout. Oh my I love this pale Jade colour and as I sort through the many, many cards in this kit I can already tell I will love them all.

DSC_0021I thought I would stitch on this little wooden veneer for something a little different and fun to do. It took no time and adds a bit of extra texture. (Ok not the best photo but you get the idea right? – I think I was concentrating on the ‘remember’ but in fact wanted to write about the ‘nifty’ LOL) Oh and the home-made yoghurt is not bad either. The hardest part is deciding which flavour we will make next. My kids all give it the thumbs up (especially the greek yoghurt varieties).

Week 27 RHS_1Onto the Right side of the weeks layout. This one included a little flip page which I have for the first time put on the inside rather than an outer edge. Can you spot  it? You may be asking yourself what the ‘mess’ on the weekly review card is. Sorry. I tried to do a “ticket punch” type look. Used the wrong punch, tried to fix it, failed and in the end looked at it and thought “meh, that’ll do”. What I’m really trying to say that my pages are never perfect. Often things go wrong that are not easily seen but, not being a perfectionist I leave them and I am totally ok with that because my focus is on getting things done not perfect. (Plus I really didn’t want to  waste another core kit card to redo it)… NEXT!

DSC_0023Again here is the little flipper. I just used a blank white card, cut up a 3×4 filler card for the “choose happiness’, added a bit of Amy Tan embroidery kit Stitching and used the other part of the 3×4 card that I cut off to make the matching tab. You’ll notice that I do that sometimes and cut or punch the cards to make matching bits and pieces. Again nothing fancy but a bit of fun.

Week27Finally here is the full week layout. So there you go. Week one of Jade done. I love the general ‘lightness’ of this colour and layout.

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  1. Oh my goodness…. Jade is AMAZING!!! Your layout totally makes me want it! I love what you’ve done with it Petra, and can’t wait to see what you WOW us with next 🙂
    I absolutely adore that photo of L, M & you – simply stunning! And A’s letter made me tear up – she is such a sweety.

    • Hi Sandra,
      Thank you, I am also pretty happy with Jade so far. April is a funny little thing, I get little notes all the time.
      The thing is I still loved her plant and was nto at all upset that it was parsley and not corrinader. She was more upset with herself.
      Thanks For Dropping In

  2. Oh my WOW Petra this is a gorgeous week. Once again I sound like a broken record but you manage to use so much, but not make it look cluttered, everything just fits in perfectly, you are amazing!

  3. Lovely lovely! The jade is nice but I still prefer seafoam! 🙂 and I give you 3 months…..

    • Hey Michelle!
      Yes I also love Seafoam but you know what? I thought at the start of the year I would quickly get bored with Seafoam but stuck it out for a whole 1/2 a year no problem at all so,
      I’m hoping the same will happen with Jade. There are even more colours/tones in there than Seafoam. And thanks for your confidence in me LOL! Sounds like a challenge! 😉
      Love ly to see you here as always. x
      Thanks For Dropping In

  4. Hi Petra

    Yes I have to agree with Kellie, your pages always look so uncluttered but still have cute embellishments. I love keeping those sentimental notes and things from my kids.

    I really love the pale pastel colours of this kit too.

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