Week 28

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DSC_0028Hello there and thanks for coming to see my week twenty-eight Project life layout. I picked a very neutral colour this week that I didn’t realise was in the Jade kit. Lots of wood veneers this week and a couple of “block outs”. One for personal reasons and the other because I realise some people are squeamish and I don’t want to make anyone turn pale when looking at my pages.So let’s press on.

Week 28 LHSStarting with the left side. Lincoln was away most of this week so it was a busy one for me and my pictures are all iPhone. As always I tried to include a few different perspectives of relatively mundane and everyday things going on around here this week and I also included a couple of screen grabs of conversations between Lincoln & I. We rely on these heavily when he is away.

DSC_0027After putting the pages together I felt they needed something a little more to help them out as they really were rather bland so I collected a bunch of the Studio Calico veneer words and what do you know? The words fit perfectly. I tried to repeat the look in a few places by pairing them  with  micro alphas I had lying around.  They are Kaisercraft brand and I might add VERY difficult to handle with my chubby little fingers.

Week 28 RHSOnto the Right hand side. Here you can see where I deliberately masked out a photo of me at the blood bank. It’s not a photo I would normally take but I was kinda dared by a friend and then thought it would be ok in my album anyway. My kids always ask about the size of the needle they use and so I was finally able to show them LOL!

DSC_0031As you can see I kept the veneer and micro letter combination going though this page.

PencilThis is probably my favourite part of the weeks layout. I love this “recording life” card from he Becky Higgins Jade kit. You may have noticed that I often pair an organic / freehand type font with a solid type. In this instance I did it using a card and a veneer and love the look.

Week 28And finally this is what the whole week looks like. I look at it. I like it but, probably not my best work. Well it’s done and time to move one. I’m thinking more colour next week. So lucky with Jade because it provides SO many gorgeous colour options. Including Orange!

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  1. Love the way you used the veneers on photos, looks fantastic! Oh and the tiny pencil pic and quote is so cute, what a great capture. Always gorgeous layouts Petra

    • Hi Kylie,
      Thanks. Yes I have come to the realisation that there is no point “saving” embellies so I was quite liberal with the veneer words in this one. 🙂
      Thanks For Dropping In

  2. Sandra Bunch

    Very cool Petra. I think your pop of the wood veneer words is totally enough for the page. I love simple and quick embellishing 🙂 The photo of the oranges is very catching! (And thanks for sparing us the needle hehe). I also love those PS brushes from the Studio Calico Toolbox class – they will be appearing in my pages too, they’re so versatile!

    • Hi Sandra,
      I am also enjoying the Toolbox class. Thanks for your lovely comment.
      Thanks For Dropping In

    • Hi Kellie & thank you so much. If I didn’t have all those everyday moments I probably would have far less photos. hehe
      Thanks For Droppign in

  3. I can’t get it to load properly on my phone so can’t see the whole layout but what I do see I love. In particular the little pencil one. So cute

    • Hi Michelle,
      The little pencil one is my favourite too 🙂
      Thanks For Dropping In

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