Week 31

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DSC_0399Hi and welcome to  my week thirty one.  Continuing with The Becky Higgins Jade kit I picked on the orange in the kit this week but, rather than using the cards that come in the kit, I just used the 12×12 Jade papers. I find these really useful if you are running out of cards, or have used up a lot of one pattern of the cards. Combined with a bit of cork and some stamps and it was done. So let’s look a little more detail shall we?

DSC_0007As always we start with the left hand side of the layout. I tried to incorporate some handwriting and because I didin’t really have a whole lot to say about any one photo, I used the main journal card on this page to give 3 little tid bits of information about three different photos.

DSC_0400I just cut up a few little triangles of cork to point to the photo which the journalling belongs to.

DSC_0006This is my favourite picture on this page. It is a picture April took of Lincoln and I watching Calvin’s soccer training one night. It was cold and we cuddled up to  to keep warm. I love it because it’s just natural and so as not to take attention away from the actual picture I left the rest of the are blank. I keep looking at it thinking it looks like it should have journalling but have decided to leave it be.

DSC_0010Over to the right side. A straight forward and uncomplicated page again.

DSC_0401This main filler card  on this page I made using one of my favourite Technique Tuesday Studio Ali Edwards stamp sets. I just love that it is a negative of what most stamps are. Usually the image would be the writing rather than the background to the writing right? I hope Ali makes more of these types of designs. You could stamp it on other gorgeous colours but here I just used the stock standard black. It’s a classic…

And that’s it for the week! Hope to see you here again soon for week 32!


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PS. I am teaching my first ever Project Life class at my local scrap book store Papertrenz this week which I am told is sold out! Eeeep! Wish me luck. Hope to see some of you there! x



    • Hi Mandy, Some weeks you just don’t “feel it” and this was mine for me but, whenever I post weeks like this I still get wonderful feedback and comments like yours. Thank You x

      Thanks For Dropping In

  1. Looks wonderful Petra 🙂 really like the flow of your pages, and the little bits of cork are fantastic. I have the same MFT dies and have cut a heap of them for my album too.

    • Hi Agnus. Yes the dies are perfect for cork as electric machines chew the stuff up! Looking forward to seeing them in your pages 😉 thanks for your lovely comment.

      Thanks For Dropping In

    • Hi Sandra,
      Organic – that’s a cool word for it. I went and had another look after your comment and I guess it looks more ‘hand made’ than most of my weeks. (Even though they are all hand made)
      Thanks for leaving such a great comment.
      Love hearing from you gorgeous peeps!

      Thanks For Dropping In

  2. I have to say I love that photo of you and Linc too, it’s so sweet and adorable and in the moment. As always your pages are just perfect, everything flows together and everything stands out on it’s own! xx

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