Week 32

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DSC_0408Hi and thanks for dropping in to check out my week thirty two. Continuing to use the Becky Higgins Jade kit I picked on the lovely grey tones in that kit this week. They don’t provide much colour, that’s true, but with the coloured photos and some nice pops of bright white I am quite pleased with how it all came together. I had also recently invested in the Close To My Heart – Artbooking Cricut cartridge bundle and oh my I am in love. There are so many designs on this cartridge it is currently my absolute go to. I have amassed quite a number of Cricut cartridges over the years but this on surely has more designs than any others. And the bundle comes with a matching stamp set and more…. but enough of that, let’s go have a look at the pages.

DSC_0371As is tradition we start with the left side of the layout. A lot of digital on this side & I drew some inspiration on this page form the ever so wonderful Ali Edwards and her ‘Hello Story’ class. She’s amazing and I watch her classes in awe. In particular the maths signs incorporated into the homework picture came form this class and also some digital elements from it.

DSC_0405My favourite on this page is this picture of April messaging her friend in Adelaide. It was a first for her and I just love the feel of this photo and I just added 3 little snippets of what it’s all about.

DSC_0372Over to the right side eight here. Immediately the large picture on the top right stands out  and the bright pops of white which are all cuts from the Artbooking Cartridge.

DSC_0406I printed this photo in a 6×8 size to cut it up. I then used my Cricut Craftroom to get the “Special” to the perfect size and viola. I am really happy with it.

DSC_0410You’ll also notice the little notebook page side on the Weekly review card. That is also from the same cartridge.

DSC_0409I love this picture of Mackenzie with her bright red hands after making volcanos at school. Sitting next to the simple grey journalling card it really makes the colour pop and does not distract your eye.

week32Wow I have talked a lot this week. Here is the full weekly layout as it sits in my album. You’ll note I added a few links to the CTMH – Artbooking Cartridge on this page. If you own a cricut and are interested, the link will take you straight to a self service portal where you can buy the cartridge bundle from me along with other great offers and goodies. As with most things the more you spend the better the offers for other goodies. I don’t eve try to resist anymore :).  As always if you have any questions please send me an email by clicking HERE.

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    • Hi and Thanks. Yes it’s nice to pop something different in now and then and the big photos are aways fun.
      Thanks For Dropping In

    • Hey Michelle,
      Thank you!
      Yes a rare moment of co-operation …. 😉

      Thanks For Dropping In

  1. Oh how annoying. Everything just disappeared. I hate retyping things.

    Love the Cricut cartridge bundle, so tempted to be getting this!

    I am to sure if I have asked you before, sorry if I have. Do you plan your PL pages in advance, like I’m gong to take photos of this etc…. like the photo of the beads, or do you just take a lot of photos and then just select photos to use as PL pages this week. OR do you think about the story you want to tell?


    • Hi Charlene,
      I tend to force myself to take a photo a day. That is key for me. Sometimes I have a lot on any given day and others (like the beads one) is a last minute “oh no I have no pic for today” picture.

      I never plan my photos or pages ahead. When I cull the weekly photo set down to the layout I then let the photo dictate how the page ends up looking.

      I do not like to be an enabler but that cartridge bundle is super. Great value considering all you get and very PL friendly. Has lots of photo mats, insta picture frames and more. I have something using it most weeks since week 32.

      Thanks for leaving another lovely message.
      Thanks for dropping in

      • Taking a photo a day is probably a good idea for me to follow, even though I don’t really do weekly PL stuff. I do want to develop my photography skills so if I did a photo a day that would be beneficial in both respects. I can even just keep the photos even if I don’t PL them. I love looking through all my digital photos from time to time still.

        I’ve been trying hard not to buy any more Scrapbooking stuff, I’ve even been deleting Cricut emails etc before reading so I don’t get tempted, then along comes your page and I couldn’t resist clicking on the link!

        I’m going to have a big think about it though.

    • Hi Lisa,
      Thanks so much for Dropping By and leaving such a lovely comment.

      Thanks For Dropping In

  2. Loving the 6×8 photo – beautiful!

    I was also wondering how you go about printing your journaling onto your PL cards. Do you use a special template, or do you change your print settings to 6×4 or 3×4 and simply load the PL cards into your printer? Thanks.

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