Week 34

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DSC_0137-2Hi there and thank you for coming to visit my week 34. Still using Jade and this week concentrating on the black & white coloured cards in the kit. You will notice that I have again incorporated a flip pocket and some more cuts form m CTMH Artbooking Cricut cartridge.  Also a personal story from our lives that I have decided to share just to show you that sometimes the small things really are the big things and are worth documenting where Project Life is the perfect way to capture it. So why don’t I stop talking about it and show you?.. Let’s do this.

DSC_0137Of course we start on the Left hand side of the layout. Lots of journalling on this page as well as a very simple filler card. I stamped with gold in on this weeks layout  and as nice as it looks in real life the gold just did not come out on the photo of the pages .Guess you’ll have to come visit me to have a closer look  😉

DSC_0126This border was cut using my Cricut Artbooking Cartridge and I just added a few gold dots which you will see scattered throughout this layout. I love this little moment of Calvin with our dog Abbey. This is not an unusual sight because he really does love her. She’s not an energetic “chase the ball” type dog but a true to form lap dog who enjoys sitting on his lap and having a cuddle.

DSC_0127Here is a little filler card. Ok there is pretty much nooo effort here. The word “love” cutout and a few foam dots to raise it a bit. That’s it.

imageSo here I am sharing something a bit personal. A little story of a few moments on what could be any old Saturday around here but, this is a story I don’t ever want to forget.  I reflect on it a little teary for a number of reasons (and yes I see the extra “they”). It’s personal to me because it admits that not every moment is a wonderful one especially when it comes to me specifically. But that’s life and I’m not trying to pretend that it’s all sunshine and lollypops around here.

DSC_0139Here is the right hand side. More gold in, more Gold dots and yes another Artbooking cut and a flapper.

DSC_0131Here is an Artbooking cut I made accented with gold stamping sitting across a photo. This was a fairly poor photo and I could not resize it any more without it getting totally lost so I just decorated the other half of the 6×4 pocket with the cutout. Do I love it? Not sure but, it’s done.

DSC_0135This is the flipper I added. All three kids were dressed up on this day and I didn’t want to miss out including a photo of any one of them.   For me a flip pocket was the best way without having to include an insert. I used a CTMH 4×6 pocket which just sticks on.

PetraCorcoran_October2013_Week 34Finally the whole layout as it sits in my album.

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  1. Just lovely as always!!! Thanks for sharing the ‘bread’ story as it just shows that you are human like us all and what wonderful little human beings your kids are!!! So instead of focussing on your human moment, embrace the proud mummy moment 🙂

  2. Amber Valenzuela

    Thank you for detailing parts you do out. I love the “love” insert. I need to go buy a cricuit.

  3. Inspirational layout as always! So many great ideas that you share. Bread story is a classic that would be lost in the day to day moments and memories. That is why I so love Project Life!

  4. Omg I am crying over the bread story too. Such beautiful little humans you have there. And that is a tribute to beautiful YOU!

  5. Just lovely Petra. I particularly love the bread story, & have to say it’s nice to hear that other homes have days that aren’t perfect all the time 🙂 I also liked the card you used for the sleepover story (& I have some of these!) – it’s a great idea for documenting when the kids are at other houses & there aren’t any photos.

  6. love your pages as always Petra and I just have to say: You are raising beautiful thoughtful children – your bread story is so heartwarming – big hugs to you all

  7. love it…love the bread story..so sweet..cool flippers..love the popcorn pic..inspiring me to take same pic

  8. Your story made me cry too. 100% why we document! Thanks for sharing so personably. I have been blogging for 6 years and falling behind with Project Life for 3. Sometimes I wonder whether sharing my PL online would hold me accountable. The ‘sharing too much’ factor holds me back.

  9. Hi Petra, just now discovering your blog, and your pages are beautiful! I really like how you rounded the corners of the photos within the rounded white borders. Would you mind sharing your Photoshop settings (e.g., sizes of photos, degree of rounding, especially for the 3×4 pockets)? Thanks!

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