Week 38

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DSC_0097-2Welcome to my week 38.  As things slowly ramp up at this time of year I am starting to fall further behind but my aim is to catch up before the silly season gets into full swing. Wish me luck.  We go away for a week at christmas and then things can really fall behind so I can’t let that happen. So on with a quick review of my week 38.

DSC_0065The left hand side of the layout.


First of all I have a little flip card I created. Partly for a bit of fun, party because I wanted to use Ali Edwards awesome little pie chart template and partly because I wanted to hid the ugly ruth behind why Lincoln and I have gone on a health kick! (so far so good) Above here in ornge is a link to a little video of how it opens. It’s nothing fancy a just a cut down 4×6 flipper in the pocket.

A little close up of the filler card on this page over here. Again I completed my full layout and then though it would be nice to tie it all back in together so used a few sequins to do this and asDSC_0100 you can see I did nothing more than stick a little sequin on this core kit card. Just enough embellishment for me LOL!  The other thing I used this week were these gorgeous little Amy Tangerine ‘Remarks’ stickers. I found just the right word for each picture and loved putting them on each photo in different orientations.

DSC_0068Right side of the layout. over here.

DSC_0099You’ll note I even put the Amy Tan stickers on some of the journalling cards. I really like these as they are slightly transparent so they are not too bold on top of the photo but still there…. if that makes sense.


Week 38fullAnd last but not least here is the full layout.

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  1. Gorgeous Petra. I love how kids make up little shops – mine do the same thing and it turns into days of fun! I wish they were always so organised and got along so well 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh that Mackenzie is just the sweetest little thing! Her looking over your shoulder is divine!

  3. Oh cherish those photos of togetherness, I have only a few brotherly/sisterly love pics. It doesn’t seem to get any better as they get older!

    Love the simplicity if it all.

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