Week 39

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DSC_0103Hello friends and welcome to my week 39. Now that I have stopped being distracted by my December Daily preparations I thought I would get back to Project Life and show you what I did in week 39. This was certainly a week of highs and lows for us but as I sit here, listening to the soothing sounds of  Enya with the aroma of my Glasshouse candle keeping both keeping me company & composed, all’s well that ends well. ….. There is a LOT to be thankful for and this week really reflects that for me.

DSC_0069Left side of this orange and while layout. I am thankful for both little and big things this week.  Little things like having the luxury of readily available fresh vegetables to feed my family with and Thankful for big things like being able to share my love of Project Life with others. This week having had the opportunity to lead a class at Papertrenz about my Project Life process.

DSC_0106Nothing too much on this page apart for this tiny bit of stitching and stamping. Stitching to accent the little flag and the stamp I used was one from the many lovely stamps created by Kellie Winnell at Kellie Stamps.

DSC_0072Straight to the right side. Grateful for friends,

DSC_0107grateful for moments,

VERY grateful for happy endings.

And without getting any deeper about the events of this week and the feelings they invoke in me even now I will leave it all there.

Please let me know if you have any questions about how I put together nay of these pages.

Final view below here.



As always friends….

Thanks For Dropping In

Petra x







  1. beautiful. i can’t quite put my finger on it but i LOVE this. I think it is the colours.

  2. I love your Project Life pages so much Petra! I follow your blog with excited interest each week. I am new to PL but you are an inspiration to us all on how to make pages stand out. Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Oh thank you so much Christine. I find towards the end of the year my enthusiasm (and energy levels) start waning but reading a lovely comment like yours is just the boost I need.
      Thank you

    • Hi Carolyn, thanks hun for popping over. Love seeing you here 🙂
      And thanks for the comment! X

  3. Hi Petra

    I love your pages and have missed looking the last few weeks, due to my Dad being in hospital and having to find him aged care. I love the fact you are willing to share such personal experiences, it’s amazing how we all have such things happening in our lives. It makes me realise I’m not alone in experiencing these things.

    I love the ampersand symbol you have used too.

    • Hi Sue, It is a digital clipping mask I use in Photoshop Elements. I print at home so I print with the borders and then just round the corners with a corner rounder punch.


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