Week 41

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DSC_0061Hi. Wondering what’s happening to all my Project Life posts while I am busy posting December Daily? Well never fear they are still marching along. Perhaps not as quickly as usual but going. I am finally around to posting week 41 here.

Still progressing with the Jade Core Kit this week I picked out these blue and white cards. I call them “air mail” cards because they sort of have the look of the old air mail envelopes. I found out at the post office the other day that all letters go only air mail these days so the markings are surperfluous. How about that? But I digress, let’s get on with it.

DSC_0054This week is really “bitsy” I used small red alphas to give the pictures some titles. I used some stickers I had about the place and the usual combination of my hybrid style.

DSC_0055This is the right hand side. More of the same really. Just bits and pieces from our week.DSC_0067 I included this little bi-fold card and inside is a little letter from Calvin’s Grandpa who lives interstate and always types up his letters and notes to the kids. Thought it would be cute to keep this one.


This is the inside of the card. Underneath in the album is the actual printed picture he sent Calvin of where the bookmark now lives.

DSC_0063This is one of my favourite parts of this weeks layout. I used an Instagram photo! Yay! (very rare for me)

DSC_0069And this is the complete layout as it sits in my album.

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  1. Hi Petra. Gosh your work is beautiful but I’m sorry I’m going to have to stop checking out your blog because every time I do, and go back and look at my pages, I want to change my style (if that’s possible). 😉

    • Oh Leanne, don’t do that. Your style is your style. It’s beautiful and documenting memories that’s the important thing.
      Thank you for such a lovely comment though 🙂

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