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WEEK FORTY THREE Wheeee for Week 43! Seriously week 43 already? Where has this year gone?

My observations at this point are

a) I have not yet missed a photo each day.  I do not know how but, most days I have a few to choose from and

b) that I have solidly made it this far in the year completing each week. Can I just say a bit of a “Woot! Woot!” … yeah that felt good. (Imagine you’ll literally  hear it when I reach week 52!)

Ok down to business. This little week card was made up of little bits and bobs I had laying about. I must say I have become a bit of a fan of these Nutmeg letters by Thickers. I think I’ll be using them for a while. Love the gloss, the thickness and the font they are just yummy. A little bit like liquorice…. erm… I haven’t tried eating them. Really I haven’t. Promise. Here is the full layout.

I started to use the Becky Higgins 6×4 textured card stock in this one which have recently made their way into my hot little hands. I could not decide which colour editions of the cards to get so what can one do but get them all right? Oh you can’t see them I hear you say? There is one cut in half in the 3×4 week card but if you scroll down you will see more.

They are in the flip outs. Don’t you just love them? The textured cards are the aqua looking ones that are revealed when you flip out the “flip outs” and are the main colour theme for the week.

As for the flip out pockets themselves well, in weeks when I just have that extra photo or two to squeeze in they are perfect. I have seen some people sew their flip out on which I think looks absolutely gorgeous sadly tho, sewing machines and I do not go well. It stems back to a pyramid like cushion thing I tried to make in Home Economics class in highs school. It was black, ugly and resembled anything but a pyramid (or a cushion). It was then that I realised that a sewing machine is a weapon I will never wield. I have kept it that way …….. but I digress…

These little pockets have a peel and stick edge to them. Could not be simpler and made just for me.

Here is a closer look at the textured cards.

Finally, I was pleased that I had April write on a journal card this week but I was really impressed to be able to get a sample of Lincoln’s handwriting on one talking about his new lens.

Ok, I’m  done talking now.

Thanks For Dropping In.




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