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Get on the floor it’s WEEK FORTY FOUR!

(ok, ok the rhymes are lame… but it’s like my little happy dance when the week is done and I’m ready to share it on here)

Another use of the Becky Higgins textured cards and a bit of Washi.Not much more to it really so let’s get on with the show.

The weekly layout. I had a lot of fun not only being the captain of the Movember team for the company I work for but, playing with the digital brush of a moustache. It took a bit of fiddling but I am pleased with the result. Initially printed on just photo paper it was ok but, when I decided to print it on the textured card it was sooo much better. (and yes once again I used the Becky Higgins textured cards I keep talking about … but I really do like them)


Above here is the left side of the week on it’s own.

I bow my head in shame to show you this. That bottom right 6×4.. yep that is how I currently do my PL. On my bedroom floor. The most important thing about this photo is that it made me stop and realise I need a solution. This can’t go on…. stay tuned a solution is on it’s way!

Finally here is the right side of the layout. I like this one. A lot. Not much more to say about it.

Oh while I remember you can find a close up of the shoes on my NICE THINGS tab of this site.


I really appreciate everyone that finds their way here and stops to look and read.

Thanks For Dropping In.



    • Hi Pamela.
      Thank You what an awesome compliment. Good Luck with your Project Life. You’ll love it.

      Thanks For Dropping In

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