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High Five it’s WEEK FORTY FIVE

Back to the Thickers and a bit of Ormolu and it’s done! mmmm shiny..

Here is the full layout. Red was on sale this week so you’ll see a lot of it… no seriously, I seem to pick a base colour and try to make things match. I’m pretty sure we all do this.

Let’s take a closer look at Week 45.

I travelled to Sydney this week. Can you tell? This view of the harbour from my hotel room was stunning. Love visiting Sydney. Again I played with some digital overlays to produce the “SYDNEY” across the two pictures. I’m glad there is an even number of letters in the word. Aaaah symmetry.

Meet my friend Michelle. A fellow Project Lifer who I met through the Project Life Australia FB page. Since I was visiting Sydney we had to do a catch up “In real life”. We had a ball right Michelle?

What you see on the bottom right is Mark One of “The Solution” to my PL on the bedroom floor woes. It is a wheelable unit I had made to easily move all my PL bits from room to room so I can PL anywhere in the house.

The top half of the unit was designed by another Project Lifer on the same page and I had the bottom half and wheels added and viola! I am one happy, mobile Project Lifer.

PS. Too many pictures of me on this page… let’s move on shall we?

So this is the Right side of the week. Top left are my mum and dad who I also had a chance to catch up with while in Sydney. I love this picture, I really do.

No it’s not your eyes, the weekly review card in this layout is a little hard to read. This is intentional and something I will occasionally do. Sometimes I feel I need to either protect someone close to me or the content is a little too private to share.

You understand that right? Thanks, I knew you would .

So that wraps it up for another week.

Thanks for Dropping In.


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