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Put up your sticks, It’s WEEK FORTY SIX

I rather liked last weeks reds so they’re here for another round. I also love these little wood veneer letters. I mean how totally cute are they?

Truly a week contrasting really big and really little things. There is a sneaky flip out hiding in this one.  Do you want to see it?


Ta Daah!!

The main picture here was not captured by me. No, I would not point my camera at the sun and know what I was doing!? Lincoln captured this image of the eclipse at it’s greatest point of coverage. I’m so glad he did. I must say that Lincoln (unlike me)  is really good at taking pictures. Not like me taking a dozen pics of one thing hoping one turns out right. No, he takes his time, thinks about the picture and its purpose first. He too has a blog. Not about Project Life just about photography. Pop on over and say hi if you like you will find him here.

Most notable on this side is the use of some digital Becky Higgins Elements. They can all be bought from Jessica Sprague here. I used them on the bottom photo and also as a desaturated layer in the background of my weekly review card. I have had a few questions about this on the PL Australia Facebook page and I must say it is really quite simple in Photoshop Elements. (I use V11 for the Mac).

Type up your card, put on a layer of your choosing (mine was the Live Love Remember) and then play with the opacity slider on that layer until it’s mostly faded into the background. Viola! It’s that easy.

(If there are many more questions about this then I may one day be brave enough to do a video post of how it’s done.)


So, that wraps up week forty six.

Thanks for Dropping In!




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