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It’s almost Eleven but I’ve finished WEEK FORTY SEVEN

I had lots of digital fun this week but not on the week card. Never on the week card. (I only just realised that really)

This week really is a mixed bag of PL activity. There’s Becky Higgins Digital & Physical, Seen and Noted, a BIG picture and a little something I whipped up myself in the form of the thee matching journal cards. See.. no rules.

I just love this photo of Mackenzie, Calvin and April testing out their new goggles in the shower. Don’t you just love that kids even think to do that sort of thing?

The Monday and tuesday journal cards are ones I made up in Photoshop Elements and printed on Becky Higgins textured cards.


Another desaturated layer on the week in review card. And finally a little something extra I really wanted to keep this week.



I used on of the Becky Higgins Pocket pages to keep the Anniversary Card Lincoln gave me. The words in it are too precious and this is the perfect way to keep it.


That’s it for now.

Thanks For Dropping In.



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