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I hope I’m not to late…. here comes week FORTY EIGHT

DSC_0068Is December really here already? REALLY?

It Feels like it was only weeks ago we were packing up last years tree and this week up it went again.

I used my glossy Nutmeg Thickers once again to set the week. (it’s fitting right ? nutmeg, christmas… or is that just my christmas brain?)

DSC_0051Here is the full layout. Excuse the handwriting, not my finest hour but I add it now and then for documentary reasons. At least that’s what I tell myself anyway. I added an insert into this weeks layout because I thought it was fitting (or necessary) to have more than one picture of decorating the tree. We (especially me) look forward to it so much each year. Rediscovering all those ornaments, lights and decorations made by the kids. Aaah … brings a big cheesy smile to my face. Oh, where is ths insert I speak of? You will see the it a bit further down. I promise.

DSC_0070This is the left side. No christmas cheer here just yet.  It wasn’t until Saturday that the Jolly month began.










And now, for the right side (as in location not better than..hehe)  including this weeks Insert. I used the design “I” Photo pockets. These are really great if you have Instagram pictures. Nice and square! I used them to get a slice of the tree dressing action. I do like the way this big picture turned out.

Oh what’s that sparkly stuff on the photos? “Is that glitter ?” I hear you say… ehm.. yes. I used some zing. Couldn’t help myself. It’s christmas you gotta have some sparkle! I heat embossed direct onto the photo. It was a risk but I kept it in.

Sweetness and lightThis is the other side of the insert and possibly my favourite part of this weeks layout and all because of that one photo of Calvin’s face. It’s a little noisy because of the low light  but  I love the way all the detail is lost except of the glow if his little face… Aaaah.. Love it when pictures turn out like that.


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