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DSC_0150Just in time it’s week Forty Nine!

Oh week 49. I had some … what shall I call them? … photographic challenges this week. Reflection, shadows everything was working against me. I realise now I will need to come up with a better and consistent solution for where I photograph my pages. It takes far too long and to be honest I still don’t love the result but, I’m rambling.

Let’s get on with it shall we?


I don’t have a proper, full, double page layout shot for you this week. Sorry. It was either this or it would be Christmas before week 49 made it here…. haha.. luckily that’s only a couple of weeks away now.


Here is the close up of the left. It was this week that I received the happy mail from Becky Higgins about my success in making the 2013 CT. The rest, as they say, is history. (Now the cat is out of the bag I can actually post this week too)

DSC_0176This is the right. For starters I learned something this week.  (not hard really)  As I venture further into printing on the delicious Becky Higgins textured cards I realised that white in photos comes from the paper you print on not the inks. It seems obvious right?

I foolishly attempted to print “white” onto these green cards. Suffice to say the printer obliged but the result was a blank card. Yes friends this was my lesson. You cannot print in white. (I am sure there are some white ink printers out there… but mine is not it.)

PS Yes. I do see that typo. It’s now fixed in the physical photo. 😉


Since I don’t have a proper full layout picture this week I thought it would be nice to focus on a couple of my favourite bits. First up is this close up of a little Aussie Christmas jingle my kids have successfully etched into my permanent memory. Printed on the  textured cards mentioned earlier and my favourite part the title. This came from the collaboration of Jodie at Polkadot Creative and Kellie at  Give a Girl a Blog. It’s simple, it’s earthy and it’s Aussie. Love it.

DSC_0165Finally this picture of Calvin playing his DS under the christmas tree. It’s not  about the layout or the elements. I just love everything about this little moment.

Hope I didn’t ramble on too much (I can be prone to).

Thanks For Dropping In



  1. Week 49 does nothing but shine!! Just fitting in with the feel of your blog 🙂 (corny rhyming) Inspirational once again Petra!

  2. Beautiful as always Petra. I love the fact that you have slotted in your big news as part of your family week….as amazing as it is, we get some perspective….it’s worth noting in here, but it wasn’t the be all and end all of your week! (Maybe an insert is owing up?)

    • Thanks Amanda. Yes Life stops for no one and it is just one small blip in the scheme of things.

      Thanks For Dropping In

  3. just awesome journalling and journal cards.. love how you add journaling to your photo like the very last photo!!!! I am in love with it.. This is what I am having a hard time learning. so new at all of this x

    • Thanks Lisa. You’ll get there. Practice and You tube are your best friends.
      Thanks For Dropping In

  4. Very special week indeed Petra. Love how you make all the colour fit together and the journaling just enhances your amazingly captured moments just perfectly. thank you for sharing sweet. Love it.

  5. Huge congrats on the CT. Looking at this page it is very clear why you were chosen for the team. You are super clever

    • Awww Thank You Michelle.
      Yes it seemed like forever to wait to weeks and now it still feels like a head spin.
      Glad you like my pages.

      Thanks For Dropping In

  6. Amazing and awesome as ever. Love the email! it is great and newsworthy as a wonderful time in mummy’s life 🙂

    • Hi Kristie,
      I will likely keep the actual email forever LOL! But thought it would be nice to capture it here as part of the story.

      Thanks For Dropping In

  7. Gorgeous week Petra as always! Yep, love Kellie’s stamps. And I love reading your journaling. Beautiful stories of your everyday, here and now. xxxxxxx

    • Hi Jodie and thank you. I know I write a lot sometimes.
      I just can’t help myself. 😉

      Thanks For Dropping In

    • Thank you Kylie. I appreciate you coming by to have a look & leaving a comment.

      Thank For Dropping In

  8. Love this layout Petra!! The Secret Place is just beautiful, what a lovely memory! And YAY again for the email from Becky 🙂

    • Hi Kylie. Thank You. Yes that certainly is my favourite memory of the week.
      Trumps the big news even.

      Thanks For Dropping In

    • Hi Leah and Thank you very much.
      I don’t actually ‘make them’ as such I just rejig, shuffle and play around with them 😉

      Thanks For Dropping In

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