Week 50

week50Isn’t it nifty ?… Finally it’s week fifty!

A belated Happy New Year to you friends. It’s been a long time between drinks  Project Life Blogs.

Since my last PL blog we have covered some 5600km in the car, celebrated Christmas, seen million year old dinosaur footprints, seen in the new year and generally cultivated … a LOT.

Now I am back on board and ready to really catch 2012 up as I am itching to start on my 2013 Project Life Album.

So let’s go.


This is the left side. Pretty straight forward really. The little journal cards are my simple little digital creation however, I did use the Becky Higgins grid card template. It’s a freebie and can be found here. Really handy.

I admit it was a total fluke that I captured the picture of insta snow falling onto Calvin in the top left of the layout. It almost looks real against the black and white gravel.

I also love the picture of Mackenzie sitting at our kitchen counter. The afternoon sun just hitting the back of her neck. The fact that it’s ‘nit goop’ in her hair just takes all the romance out of it but, you know, REAL life.

Oh you’re wondering about the Papadum? Well yes… as I insist on the photo a day and on including at least one photo form each day sometimes this sort of thing happens. It’s late, dinner is about to hit the table, my head desperately needs to hit the pillow and is all out of ideas.  Luckily it’s not a permanent condition. The curry was tasty thank you. :)

PetraCorcoranJanRHSThis is the Right side. It was a really big week for Mackenzie finishing up kindy and all. Where on earth has that time gone? So yes a lot of this page is dedicated to her. I am not doing separate childhood albums so more of one child where needed I say. PetraCorcoranJan2I added an insert this week. (expect to see a few of these for the next couple of weeks as there is a LOT going on) I just couldn’t  resist adding a large shot of April and I under this stunning old tree.

As my Inserts are seldom 12×12 I took a DESIGN B from the Becky Higgins range and sliced the bottom row of 4×3’s off. I printed all three of the bottom images on the Becky Higgins Textured Card Stock. This colour is from the Clementine Edition. I must say I am really pleased at how the photo of the flat tyre  printed onto the card.

PetraCorcoranJan3The other side of the insert continues with the tree. Yep we spent some time there. As I didn’t want to write too much more I just made a couple of filler cards by using the Cobalt 12×12 paper and a few quick embellies.


PetraCorcoranJan1Finally this is a picture of the full spread (excluding the insert).

Two more weeks to finish 2012! I’m getting excited.

Thanks For Dropping In



  • Janelle says:

    Just love every bit of it, Petra. You’re always so full of ideas for capturing every day life – and yep, we just did the headlice check too!

    • petcor says:

      HI Janelle,
      Thank you for your kind words. I try to capture the everyday. The papdum was not my finest moment! Hope you weren’t as ‘lucky’ as us with the lice.

      Thanks For Dropping In

  • Betty says:

    Love that Design B spread Petra, looks fantastic. You tell your stories so well. x

  • Tina says:

    Just wonderful Petra. Just love what you do. Absolutely love the tree picture. Love it all.

  • Leanne T. says:

    Brilliant pages Petra!! I’m in love with that beautiful photo of the old tree – you have done it justice! So happy to be seeing your pages again :)

    • petcor says:

      Hi Leanne,
      I’m so happy to be doing them again. Was thinking about them and taking notes the whole time we were away!

      Thanks For Dropping In

  • Amanda W says:

    Looks gorgeous…as always….love the tree photos…..nature at its best. Congrats to McKenzie on graduating Kindy……looks like it was a very special day.

    • petcor says:

      That’s it now, all three of mine are in shcool! Yipes!
      Thank you Amanda. Always full of wonderful words.

      Thanks For Dropping In

  • Kristie M says:

    Fabulous as always. You are an inspiration :)

  • Jodie says:

    It’s very nifty honey! Beautiful pages. I love the papadum pic. And I love how you write. I love the amount of journaling you alway do. Bring on 2013!!! xxxxxx

    • petcor says:

      Thank you Jodie.
      I always worry about journalling too much but you know what? I just can’t help myself. hehe

      Thanks For Dropping In

  • Leah Cameron says:

    I love your papadum Petra, especially with that quote on there. And the nit shot. Perfectly real life.

  • carolyn..b.. says:

    I love your pages Petra, just fantastic…as always.I love lots of journaling and you always have that and great photos.Just looking at the nit photos make me itch. :)

    • petcor says:

      Hi Carolyn & Thank You.
      Yes reading that note at childcare always makes me paranoid and itch!

      Thanks For Dropping In

  • Ali says:

    Lovely! Love that it’s ‘real’

    • petcor says:

      Hi Ali & Welcome to my blog.
      Thank you for leaving a comment I do appreciate it and yes real it is. It’s important to me to try keep it that way. Challenging myself to do the photo a day idea certainly helps :)

      Thanks For Dropping In

  • Kim Tighe says:

    Beautiful Petra. I especially love the tree layout with the choice of text and fonts on the photo. Wonderful journalling which is so nice to have in years to come.
    Love it all, clever girl!

  • Mash says:

    Love love love. You are so inspirational so now I just need to translate that inspiration from iPhone drooling into on the page action

  • Kylie N says:

    This looks fantastic Petra, well done! I’m desperately trying to finish off the last little bit of 2012 too, as I’m soooo looking forward to starting 2013. It’s good to see you back here :)

    • petcor says:

      Hi Kylie,
      Thank you so much. Good luck with finishng 2012. I finished my week 52 layout at midning last night! Phew!

      Thanks For Dropping In

  • Pink Ronnie says:

    This spread is so wonderfully vibrant and full of life!! I particularly like your simple use of all those graphic tags, and the text over photos is just lovely.
    Ronnie xo

  • Beautiful layouts. The photos of your children and their darling expressions, the lovely tree “hang out”….prefect!

    • petcor says:

      Hi Deb,
      Thanks for your gorgeous comment. Each time we find an amazing tree like that, or a little hideaway spot near a creek I think “wow if I was a kid and lived nearby I’d spend all my time here!” …
      Thanks For Dropping In

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