Week 51

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DSC_0020It’s finally done, here’s week 51!

Am I really getting there? Am I really almost at the end of the year? I’m so excited but, the last two weeks of the year just seem to be mammoth. I have a fair bit going on in my week 51 layout so please bare with me as I take you though.


Left hand side of my layout is right here. There are a couple of things going on on this page that I am a little “chuffed” about. You will see a little QR code I have on the bottom left with the nailpolish. Well, if you saw the story on my blog earlier on you would instantly know what this picture is about. I didn’t want to re-write the story in my album but I thought a neat way to reference it was to use this little QR code which, upon scanning with your smarphone,  takes you straight to my blog and said story. (I guess I’ll have to keep my blog up forever now hey? LOL) . This is by no means a new, original  or my personal idea. I found it on the web a couple of years ago and use it somethimes to link to a video, or site or something on the web. Not sure what a QR code is and how to use it? There is a wiki for that here.

The other thing on this page is that I have finally worked out a way to print on the small pre-printed Becky Higgins 3×4 cards. I did it on the little grid card seen in the middle (right) of the ^^^ layout. I know some printers allow you to put in a card that small but my EPSON R3000 does not. The smallest I have managed in there succesfully is the 6×4. Not too surprising really as it is a LARGE format printer. I will share in the coming posts with you how I do this.  It also allows me to use up all my 3×4 cards better. I can stamp on them and then print the journalling too (like I did in this one up there ^^^) and most importantly I don’t need to cringe over my handwriting. Win, win!


This is the right hand side. (Again I printed on the little Becky Higgins 3×4 grid card so cool, I loved it).

Now,  I must admit that on the day we drove to Sydney I did not pull out my DSLR and only had a lot of iPhone and Instagram pictures. (Yes it was a loooong day). I don’t often use Instagram pictures in my albums but I think attaching them to the map like that worked well and got me over my “how do I use all these square pictures” panic.

D8E_0386Once we arrived in Sydney I armed myself with my DSLR once again and well, there were a LOT of pictures. I used this little insert (only fits 4 6×4 pictures) in the weeks layout because there were a few pictures that I just could not leave out. This is one side of it.

D8E_0385This is the other. I’m smiling just looking at these.

Finally the other new and kinda cool thing I have used for the first time in this weeks layout is the WRMK Tab Punch that I purchased from Jodie at Polkadot Creative. The punch comes with little stick on plastic protectors so the tab is nice and sturdy,  clean and I love it. I find sometimes with inserts people flip by them and don’t quite know they are there until they try to turn the page.  I think these tabs make the inserts easier to see and they’re pretty too!

I took this picture of it so you can see what I mean. Pretty right?DSC_0024


And just to finish off here is a quick picture of the full two page spread.


Thanks For Dropping In



  1. LOVE what you have done with the map Petra – wow you are setting that bar higher every week – last week the Tree and this week the Map – I have to try this out one day soon – thanks for the inspiration yet again (hugs)

    • Hi Leanne and right back at ya! 🙂 Thanks for your kind words.
      I may do a quick ‘how to’ video on the map bit. Just for a bit of fun.
      (just need to find the time)

      Thanks For Dropping In

  2. Great post Petra, your layout looks fantastic. Love the map and the tab. Your photos looks wonderful. Are you adding borders to them or are they on mats? 🙂

    • Hi Sharon,
      No the borders are all done digitally not physical mats. That would be too hard hehe.

      Thanks For Dropping In

  3. Every week is another lot of fabulous. I love what you do and how you do it. Just beautiful. And the map looks amazing. xoxo

  4. carolyn..b..

    Love your pages as always..Love the map and little photos and the tabs.Must get one of those. 🙂

    • Hi Carolyn & Thanks.
      Yep the Tabs are my new fave. I have the bracket and the file tab.

      Thanks For Dropping In

  5. Gorgeous as always. love the map with the photos added…..simple steps on how you did it would be awesome. And I love that the design team symbol is ORANGE…….one more week to go…..

    • Hi Amanda and thank you once again! 🙂 You are too kind.
      I may do a little video on the map bit when I find a little time.
      It’s quite simple really.

      Thanks For Dropping In

  6. I love how you managed to fit so many beautiful photos in your pages Petra. So many memories captured and then recorded. So awesome. xxxxxx

    • Thank You Jodie.
      Would you believe I have HEAPS more photos for the week?!
      Thanks For Dropping In

  7. This is just fantastic Petra – and I especially love the map. Can’t wait to hear about your printing tip 🙂

  8. documentingchaos

    Lovely Petra – I really like the borders on the photos; makes it all look so cohesive. The map is the highlight though – great idea!

  9. Week 51 looks great. I must say as well I do luv the map – fantastic way to document xx

    • Hi Kris,
      Thanks. I will try for it tonight (kids and life permitting)

      Thanks For Dropping In

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