Week 7

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DSC_0159Time to get revvin’ here comes week seven!


I am well behind on blogging this week so I will try to keep it short and sweet. It was Valentines day in my week seven hence the lovely “Love” tag in my title card which came in a mini kit from Polkadot Creative. In fact a lot of the bits on this card did.

D8E_0600Starting with the left side of the week. I was concentrating on the lovely Teal colour from the Becky Higgins Seafoam Kit. I created the little Teal days of the week (Monday & Wednesday on this page) to try match the look of the Seafoam kit cards. If you have the digital files to compliment the core kit it is super easy to match the colours. (I will include how to do this in my next “quick tip” video).DSC_0161

The “Bliss card” is made by cutting one of the core kit 6×4’s in half and sticking on the wood veneer and heart both from Studio Calico. Again trying to stick with “Simple is good” like I did in my Week 6. I must say I am really enjoying these little filler cards.


The other thing worth noting here is the little pocket I included for Calvin’s “Super Speaker” photo. I sneakily had him use the blank Becky Higgins jounalling cards for his cue cards. Once he was done I just put them into this here little pocket. I was so proud that he received 10/10 and thought keeping the cards with is handwriting on them was a cool little keepsake.D8E_0601Onto the Right hand side of the weeks layout. My favourite part here is again the feature picture at the top. I now realise I do these sorts of shots a fair bit. By that I mean a picture with room somewhere to add elements or journalling or something. I like the way Rhonda from Pink Ronnie (fellow Becky Higgins CT member) describes it as “room to breathe”. I never really thought of it that way or the fact that I frequently do it until, I read about it in Ronnies photo taking tips on her blog. Great tips that I throughly recommend.


And just for completeness sake here is the whole two page layout. Hope you have enjoyed seeing my creation. Now to get blogging on week 8!

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  1. Oh Petra another great large photo – love that quote too. And wow that bubble photo is superb!

    • Hi,
      Oh and the tart was delicious too he did an amazing job.
      Thanks For Dropping In

  2. carolyn..b..

    cool pages Petra..love the pocket,bubble,aqua and the big pic. 🙂

    • Hi Carolyn,
      Why thank you 🙂 Yes I am fan of the big pics.
      Thanks Fro Dropping In

  3. This is stunning. I really admire the way you isolate one or two colours each week and carry it through the whole week.It really makes for a cohesive look to the week. I especially love your days of the week cards and look forward to the how to video.

    • Hi Mandy,
      Yes it seems to work well and makes it all cohesive.
      It also makes decision making on colour throughout the week layout simple. And we love simple right? 🙂
      Thanks Fro Dropping In

    • Hi Sue,
      Thank you. That text is an Ali Edwards brush.
      Thanks For Dropping In

  4. Doing some blog catch ups…..first stop Becky, next stop Petra! You continue to inspire me……which is great cause I am still struggling with photographing the “mundane” everyday…..eg it is Friday and photos this week equals……zero……what to do, what to do……
    Looking forward to seeing next week!

    • Aaaw thanks Amanda,
      That is such a wonderful compliment.
      Thanks For Dropping In

  5. I LOVE the one of you holding that rose…. so much love and beauty right there.
    Also very inspired by the two-photo spread of the kids on the soccer field. Love your words and type too.
    Ronnie xo

    • Hi Ronnie,
      Thank you for your sweet comments.
      Thanks For Dropping In

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