Week In The Life – Friday Photos

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Once this post is complete  will be up to date with my photo posts and then there will be no more spamming you with post notifications. Thanks for hanging in there with me. Today I am taking a queue from Ali Edwards and her Thursday photos post and noting what I want to remember each picture for. IMG_7405I want to remember that I actually enjoy coming up with new and different things to put in their school lunch boxes and that when we ran out of bread by the end of the week crackers were a perfectly ok substitute.IMG_7410I want to remember that she loves lists, they make her happy and  also  that she always wants to make her fly away curls all smooth and stuck down even though I love seeing them.IMG_7408I want to remember that sometimes we come up with a house hold management system that actually works and anyone can contribute to. Not all of them last but this one has. IMG_6493I want to remember that I have actually worked really hard to get where I am in my career and that’s something to be proud of even though it can be very serious work.IMG_6499I want to remember all the amazing off road adventured this car has taken us on.IMG_6508I want to remember all our visits to “the block”. Standing outside the gate imagining what it will be like when there are houses here and mostly when OUR house is here because 12 months form now this view won’t exist but we will be on the other side of the gates standing in our very own house. I want to remember this excitement and the hopes and dreams we all shared about our future home.IMG_7412I want to remember how good these guys are at sharing especially during the times when they are not.IMG_7415I want o remember that they do help out. They may grumble about it but do it anyway and I truly appreciate it. IMG_7421

I want to remember the joy of our very first brand new car ever and just how much he really loves this car. Driving it, polishing it and just sitting in there sometimes taking it all in.IMG_7427I want to remember how much they love cooking with me. Even when I am tired and am throwing together a last minute Bolognese the girls love helping make dinner and feel very proud when it is served. As proud as I am of them.IMG_7434I want to remember how much these guys really love each other and how sometimes they curl up on each others bed and chat giving each other wonderful affirmations of love. (I snuck this photo at the door as April was saying to Mackenzie “I love you and love having you as a sister”)IMG_7439I want to remember how awesome it is just how much this sweet boy loves reading and that he will keep reading late into the night if I don’t come in to turn his light off, sometimes he sneak a torch under his covers just to read after lights out.

Friday photos done.

Until tomorrow. Thanks for dropping in.

Petra x

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