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Hi guys. I realise that I have long neglected my blog. For anyone still reading it I am truly sorry. Between May and August each year my work life spins out of control and it is all can do to get from one day to the next but, I am slowly coming out of that darkness and thought, what better way to start giving my little blog some love than to once again participate in the Week In The Life Project. This project is the brainchild of the ever wonderful Ali Edwards and this will be my second year taking part.

So where dis I start? A few months ago I pre-ordered my Ali Edwards Week In The Life album kit from here. I went for the binder with the days of the week on it and am very happy with my choice.

My Plan? Like last year my main focus during the actual WITL week (17th to 23rd of August) is to take photos. Lots of photos. I do this using both my iPhone, my DSLR and also by engaging all family members with a camera capable device to take pictures of their day. Yep we’re all in and I have been warning them it’s coming for a while now. I take occasional notes but, I fond last year that blogging my photos helps me not only narrow down the final pictures but also remember the stories.  Once the week is over I will be able to concentrate on putting together the album and will hopefully try to do a video of a walkthrough like I did last year (you can se it here) as I have had a few people already asking whether I will be doing a video this year too. That’s enough talking let’s get this going.

Monday Pictures

IMG_6060s4AM – this picture is as grainy as my eyes as I get another dose for my daughter who currently has a bad case of Tonsillitis. Poor thing wakes several times a night and carefully and quietly comes into out bedroom. She tries to be super quiet as sometimes she has managed to startle me out of my sleep and then we both jump and scream in shock! LOL

IMG_60605.02AM – As with most Mondays to Fridays my day starts at 5am. It is winter here in Queensland and it’s pitch black at this time of day. I have a projection clock on my beside which projects the time onto the ceiling just like this photo. I love my projection clock, no rolling over to see the time. You open your eyes and BAM there it is. Some may this this is dreadful, I love it. (Wish I wasn’t awake an hour ago)IMG_60695.15AM – First order of day after I have my shower. COFFEE (first of many)IMG_60736.10AM – They are up. Calvin is the sweetest boy and seeks a cuddle from his big sister most mornings. As she gets older she seems less keen on these but n this day it was welcome.IMG_60857.00 AM – April is staying home sick and her dad will stay with her. This means the other two get a lift direct to school instead of before school care. They really love that as they are liking before school care less and less now that they don’t go to after school care. Mackenzie came out to the car to see me off and put this message on the driver side door. xIMG_61147AM – 4PM – Work, Work, Work…. coffee, work…. You will find me here.IMG_6096 copy2PM – I love this picture April sent me while I was at work. She has spent the day on the couch watching TV feeling miserable. I love the glimpse of her dad in the background. He was working from home and at the dining table.IMG_6102

12.15PM – A little gym.IMG_7226

5.30PM – Soccer Training. This is probably my favourite photo of the day. I had lots of others of him with a ball, kicking a ball, chasing the ball etc but in the end this simple one of him doing his laces was my favourite. Anyone with kids would know being able to do laces is a real milestone and although he has been able to do them for some years now the moment is not lost on me.IMG_6135

7PM – The man who does not cook cooked us all dinner tonight. Driving home from dinner with Calvin he asked what was for dinner. I said “Well, Dad is cooking dinner so what do you think it is?”, “Butter chicken, he always cooks butter chicken”. He was spot on and I was very appreciative of a warm meal when we got home.

Of course I have plenty more photos but that’s it for my Monday.

Thanks for visiting (still) 🙂

Petra x


  1. Great pics gorgeous. I totally get the shoe lace thing. That’s in my Monday morning photos but before school. So cute watching Sam learning and trying hard to do them. Thanks for sharing your day. I feel a little guilty of over sharing some of my pics on Instagram. Anyway loved your day.

  2. Jodie Flynn

    Looking forward to reading Petra and then seeing your end result – always gorgeous! Hope the kiddos are doing better now x

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