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A busy little day but I have selected only a few of the 100+ photos I took. I love Saturdays, I really do. I thought today I would write why I took each of the photos I’m sharing here and what I wanted to capture. IMG_6545This is the first day of the week where I wake up and there is some daylight coming into the room. Sure I was woken by a small person feeling it was worth waking me to tell me “I want to play” but that’s not the point. I took this picture because I love waking up when there is daylight flooding into the room. To me it means a good nights sleep was probably had and I am not in a rush to get anywhere today. To be quite frank I hate these blinds and curtains but sometime soon this view will be forever gone.IMG_6549My sweet, sweet April. She loves coming for a big cuddle and I love kissing the top of her head. It’s not lost on me that it probably won’t be much longer before I can’t kiss her on the head like this anymore because she will be too tall so for now I take it in and now I have captured it.IMG_7446Sometimes I panic a little and think “what will I feed them for breakfast we haven’t done the groceries yet” but to be totally honest our pantry is always jam packed with stuff and a half decent meal is never far away. I took this photo because I don’t remember the last time this combo (tomato came on later) was served up for breakfast but they loved it.IMG_6571We finally had some decent rain overnight and woke up to everything outside being wet. It’s a welcome change and I am sure much appreciated by the yellowing winter lawns but for these guys it means puddles and anyone who has kids knows that puddles have a magnetic effect on kids. They will seek out even the smallest puddle, no puddle is safe really, and proceed to let it know they found it by sloshing their feet into it despite mum or dad calling out “keep out of the puddles”. Apparently a little rock in the puddle carefully placed means you’re not actually “in”. I don’t like muddy puddles but I love that the kids do.IMG_7495I was our turn to wash the teams jersey’s today. This is part of being a soccer mum.IMG_6579This picture just seems to be a must in this project so I had Lincoln do the honours. It was way too busy to put the camera on the ground and yes, I remembered to buy the bread 🙂IMG_7519Today we were allowed inside the development site and din’t just have to stand outside the gates. The kids thought it made for an awesome playground andI loved seeing their enthusiasm for it.IMG_7533I  took this photo because I hope in the future to take the same picture but with the car in a proper drive and a house next to it. It was Lincoln’s idea mainly because he loved getting the 4WD up there and always wanted to “drive on our block”.IMG_7547

This little one has recently taken to sleepwalking. Previously only something my son did it seems he has passed her the button and she has grabbed it in spectacular fashion. Last night, before I would work out what was going on, she got up, walked into the shower and turned it on. Switched it off and onesie and all sopping wet lay back into her bed. This is where I stepped in of course. She had no idea the next morning and wondered why she was in different bed clothes. It’s a scary, funny thing when kids sleepwalk but we have had plenty of practice so I’m ready to jump out of bed in the middle of the night and follow her around while very gently trying to guide her back to bed.

And that’s it for Saturday. I really can’t believe there is only one day to go.

Petra x

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  1. I too am so excited about your block. I think it is going to be amazing watching you document it.

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