Week In The Life – Sunday Photos

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Sunday Already? Ha! Well I will say it seems to go quite quickly and thanks to my many years of Project Life my family didn’t seem too put out by the over photographing. So we did it. Another Week In The life is done, at least in photos anyway ….

IMG_6652Sunday morning starts with a coffee. Like every day of the week except on Sunday we can actually sit together to have it.IMG_6672 copySunday is for meals out. This breakfast had me gong all day! Filling, Relaxing and I didn’t have to do the clean up. IMG_6679 copySunday is for Water and kids. Water in any form is just fascinating to kids isn’t it? Fountains, Pools, puddles, water guns any which way… This Sunday it was a water feature at the place we had breakfast.IMG_6690

Sunday is for relaxing and having time to wait. Waiting for others to arrive.  IMG_6704

Sunday is for spending time with friends. Friends that are still willing to play airplanes with you when mum and dad say “no you’re too big and heavy now”. IMG_6731Sunday is for projects and yet another visit to Spotlight because next week is Book week and we need to sort out a costume STAT!  And because it’s Sunday there is time to try out novelty items that won’t be part of the costumer but are just fun to try on anyway.IMG_6739Sunday is for stopping to smell the flowers. Stopping to smell the Jasmine in the garden that has just started to bloom. I love the smell of Jasmine.IMG_6776Sunday is for baking. I have never thought of it but my husband has recently pointed out that I bake most Sunday afternoons. This time a quick banana loaf.IMG_7562Sunday is for squeezing a few more daylight minutes of play outside with your siblings. I love this view outside the door. IMG_6786Sunday is for that last photo of the week of us watching The Voice together as a family. Although photographically speaking this is probably one of the worst photos of the day, it is my favourite. I see a big lounge suite with lots of space yet there we all are, squeezed into the corner together. This is how we watch together.

Thanks for following along for those that have visited my blog.

I have really enjoyed the documenting process and am now looking forward to putting the album together.

Until next time.

Petra x

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