Week In The Life – Thursday Photos

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Oh I’m seriously on a roll so here is Thursday. Hopefully a few less photos this time.

IMG_64085.30AM – Lunch boxes done. They don’t all have the same type of lunch box anymore. Apparently not cool. IMG_64147.00Am – Hello Routine. Thought I would take a picture form the outside of the car rather inside this time. IMG_64167.20Am – I found out this morning that the boys at school are having a competition of “who can go longest without brushing hair” Although Calvin denied the game clearly, we have a winner here! LOL! IMG_64227.30AM – The latest thing for these two is that we press fingers though the fly screen at drop off. Both mum and dad, 2 fingers each as it is prescribed by the girls. So totally love these little moments and their little ‘things” they do.IMG_73948.05AM – Probably my favourite photo today. Each work day we park the car in the basement of my building and then go our separate ways but, before gutting into the lift we say good buy, give a kiss and hug and wish each other a good day. I love this moment and wanted to capture it. I will admit I was a little unsure how Lincoln would respond to my request to set up the camera on the car so that I could take the photo of this little moment but, without a moment’s hesitation he agreed and this happened. One shot. That’s it. I seriously realise that I am very lucky to have him and that he would do this is totally AWESOME! IMG_644911Am – Blah, Blah , meetings blah ….. I don’t know how many of these “commando” style shots I have taken this week. Too many but, they tell a story. I work and I am here for 8+ ours a day. IMG_64381PM – I did intend to visit the gym today but a last minute decision and message on my phone led me here. A cheeky shared donut with the love of my life.  Definitely, in every way, better than the gym. IMG_64534.50PM – Seriously how can I not love this welcome home? IMG_74005.15PM – I quickly snapped this shot as I was heading to the hair dresser. If cartoons are on, any cartoons, they will watch. Mackenzie always as close to the TV as possible. IMG_64616PM – The things we do. On the plus side she has been my hair stylist for a number of years and I totally trust her with “whatever” she comes up with so long as we avoid the cutting. Always try to avoid cutting the hair 😛IMG_64698.30PM – 2.5hours later new hair and I LOVE IT! I’m ready for spring. IMG_74019.30PM I get home. The house is quiet, kitchen clean, kids are asleep and Lincoln researching something his iPad by the light of his salt lamp. He loves my new hair.

Are you ready for Friday?




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  1. Hi Petra, am loving your WITL but I especially like the photo of you and your husband. It’s where it all begins and you guys look really happy. Congrats on your new home project, can’t wait to see what it looks like. Hope everyone is well. Cheers Mira

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