Week In The Life – Tuesday Photos

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Tuesday photos. I realise it is now Friday but better late than never. Here goes.

IMG_6160 copy5.30AM – A very early start on Tuesdays so I can leave early to take kids to ‘suff’ Drove the Scooby today which is always a bit of fun when there is no traffic in the morning. Unlike when the car is full the radio always keeps me company on this trip.IMG_6178

6AM – View from office. No one around this time of day. I actually like it as I get plenty done and feel at ease with no one at my door asking for anything. Take my time with my coffee settle in and start.IMG_632211AM – Still sick at home but she got outside today to spend some time with the guys (and sent me a picture of it ) things are looking up.IMG_6276

1PM – Linc has done the hard slog of working from hoe this time round as I had too many commitments needing me in the office. April also sent this picture and I love that she captured a) dad working b) her lunch and c) the time all in one shot. Way to go April!IMG_6233

3.15PM – A quick after school snack while doing homework. He is always starving when he gets home form school and goes searching for food. IMG_62363.45 PM – Mum’s Taxi in full swing dropping this one off at Superstars. I love that on her hand is a secret code that she did not want to forget for her diary but also wanted to keep secret from her brother. Hmmmm ….IMG_62394.15PM – Quick dash for a few extra bit of fruit and veg for dinner and lunch boxes. I love Mandarins they remind me of Christmas.IMG_72644.45 PM – put on a quick load of washing before going back t pick Mackenzie up form Superstars. I love the feeling of getting washing done, I hate that it is never ACTUALLY done. Now that I am going to the gym it is even more important to do this every night. Sigh. IMG_72606PM (ish) – BIBimbap for dinner. This is something new I thought I’d try this week. A Korean dish which is one of Lincoln’s favourite and he speaks out in any Korean restaurant. Overall it was a little fiddly with lots of little bowls to prepare but th taste was pretty authentic and everyone actually liked it too. That’s a gold star on any day.IMG_72687PM – Time for my babies to brush their teeth and settle in for the night. I have so many photos of them brushing their teeth but loved this one the best. There is something irresistible to kids about mirrors.  Immediately as they are in front of one they pull faces an muck about. She should be brushing her teeth but I’m thinking crazy faces are more fun. To be a kids again ….IMG_63057.20PM – I hate that you can’t put absolutely everything n the dishwasher but, grateful to have one none the less. At this point I am desperately trying to finish all ‘those’ jobs so I can sit down and relax too. The bad thing is that I seem unable to relax when I know there is a mess in the kitchen or the like. It just plays on my mind and I hate it. I have noticed recently that my youngest is displaying a similar trait and can’t go to sleep if her room is a mess. This sounds fabulous if you are a parent like me but she always chooses to ‘fix’ this problem right on bed time or worse even later. I will hear banging and clanging as she shuffles stuff around in her room after lights out. IMG_6332 copy9PM – Just us. I love this man. I love that eh ALWAYS co-operates with my photo madness. I do realise how lucky I am.

That’s it for Tuesday Guys.

Let’s see if I can keep going and catch up.

Petra x


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