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Ok, Straight onto Wednesday Photos. Hope these are not spamming anyones inbox. Not intended I am just hoping to catch up.

IMG_63375.15 AM – Here I am again. I don’t actually have a preference or a dietary need for soy. Lincoln prefers it to “cow fat” as he calls it and I am simply just too easy going in this department to care either way so have learned to drink soy with him. Also, when we go out for coffee I feel bas asking for now Soy and one none as I think it;s easier to heat up a milk jug of soy for two so always order soy. IMG_73035.56AM – I really do’t want to wake this sleeping beauty but, as she is the slowest to get ready it’s a must to have a successful departure by 7am. She is finally going back to school today. Ever present “Scarfie” is still on her bed. Not sure if she will ever outgrow it. It has certainly outgrown her and is in tatters. I have offered to sew it into a teddy and the like but nope, she loves it and needs it by her side. She is my only child that has really “needed” a security object. It’s just part of who she is. I am really loving watching her grow into a tween her kind and compassionate nature has not changed a bit.IMG_73236.30 AM – I call tis the earring graveyard. Between my two girls they have lost and broken many an earring. Of course it’s always only one and one set never seems to match the next. We realised this morning that Mackenzie was missing one of her earrings and  the threat of her piercing growing over is very real. It heals super fast so, this morning I came here to fish for a “close enough” match to the one already in her other ear. It always reminds me of me as a child. My grandmother always insisted on making me wear earrings but much to her dismay, my then tomboy nature did not much care for them and they were always getting lost or broken …. the cycle continues. IMG_73216.45AM – Slow Cooker (crock pot) chicken soup for dinner tonight. Here it is ready in it’s bath preparing for a long and slow cook until we return home again.IMG_7331 copy7.10AM – we didn’t quite make the 7am departure form the house but close enough. Along the way the kids sometimes like to play games on their iPad and I play Ingress on my phone. It’s a cybher geek type game, really, no photo taking, no memory keeping just a game and I love it. We all do and sometimes we all play. April took this photo from the back seat. IMG_63711PM – Yep a big skip from leaving the house to goodbyes at before school care, drop off at work and a few office shots (again) finding the slog though the working week a little more challenging this time. I did my first Cycle class at the gym this week. First in about 8 months and it hurt but I did it and that’s all that really matters. I rally love going to the gym and when I do I am an all or nothing person.  Like a lot of areas of my life. This is my third day in the gym in as many days. Go me! 🙂 IMG_63943.30PM I love that April took a photo of the kids on the bus on their way home. This is something I never see and she has been a real great help in my Week In The life this year. IMG_73384.30PM – She loves her big window. The first sound from her room most morning is the blind opening. All those teddy’s on her bed have a special order and MUST be neat when she goes to bed. More often than not she sleeps on top of her covers so as not to mess up the neat bed and teddys. On cold nights, to avoid conflict, I sneak in once she is asleep and cover her up, usually with another brought in blanket because heaven forbid I move one of the ones on her bed and make it “messy”.  Love this girl and all he little ways. IMG_73525PM – They decided to play together. Love these little skateboards.IMG_73855.10PM – Let’s go play outside before it gets dark! They tried to coax April out too but today was a big first day back at school after sickness and she just wasn’t up to it. IMG_63896.30PM – We had a lot of left over soup and since my kids are pretty fussy, we decided to drive it over to Sandy’s so her family could enjoy some too. They love coming here. Like a LOT!

And for now I am calling Wednesday Photos done!

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